Visumatic Industrial Products

The Experts in Feeding and Driving Technology

Visumatic Industrial Products designs and builds the best specialty automatic screwfeeding and driving automated assembly machines on the market. Visumatic systems are engineered for your parts and your business, built and tested in house. We deliver longer life cycles, extreme durability, pinpoint accuracy and the strongest guarantee in the business. Feeding and driving engineering is all we do and we’ve been at it for over 50 years. We’ve been exceeding customer expectations by developing lightning fast multi-part, location and torque robotic assembly. We can handle any size nut, screw, pin, rivet or fastener.


Hand Held Systems

Hand Held Systems are designed to automatically deliver screws to the driving position, keeping the operator from having to reach for screws and manually place them onto the bit. The operator manually locates and initiates the drive cycle.

• Screws, Nuts, Plastic ‘Christmas Trees’, Push Pins, Rivets
• Standard to exotic fasteners
• Ergonomic improvement and quality control
• When volume is not sufficient to fully automate
• When installation locations vary

Configured for Your Part, Your Line with the right:
Driver Tool, Nosepiece and Feeder Escapement

Fixed Systems & Robotics

Fixed Systems and Robotics are turnkey, automated assembly machines that either require an operator to load/unload or are fully automatic with part ingress and egress systems. Typically, the operator loads the part into the Fixtured System, and presses a button to initiate a quality controlled, automatic drive cycle. With Robotics, the part is automatically introduced to the system; the machine recognizes the part and self-initiates the assembly cycle.

• High Volume Applications – higher than a hand-held operator can keep up with
• Multiple locations, fasteners type, and/or depth done simultaneously
• When high torque or ergonomic consideration is specified
• Extra-large screws or unusual fasteners
• Advanced Fastening: Installing in a certain order, synchronizing torque, etc.

Configured for Your Part, Your Line with the right:
Driver Tool, Nosepiece, Orientation, Delivery System and Feeder Escapement

Machine Builder Components

Visumatic is a leading supplier to specialty machine builders, providing modular building blocks for customers who are implementing an automatic assembly process.

Our expertise in fastener automation allows machine builders to quickly integrate component systems for immediate functionality. Systems are designed to interface with your equipment with your bolt hole pattern, counterbores, flats or bosses. They include integral I/O contacts, cabling and a suggested PLC code, all carefully planned and written for you. Our designs fit seamlessly.

• Components range from individual power drivers, feeders and hoppers,
to large multi-spindle systems or robots
• When ‘Plug-n-Work” convenient systems are necessary

Configured for Your Part, Your Line with the right:
Driver Tool, Nosepiece, Orientation, Delivery System, and Feeder Escapement