Introducing AccuPulse HR Series

Torque Controlled cordless tools for high volume assembly

Accuracte and extremely durable with low maintenance cost

Virtually no torque reaction from 2 Nm – 120Nm


Assembly Tools

Professional Tools

Panasonic Assembly & Professional Tool Repair

At Wesco Production Tools Ltd. when you send us your Panasonic tool, we have several professionally trained service technicians to repair your Panasonic tool with original Panasonic parts. We work directly with Panasonic Canada to return your tool to the original factory specifications.

Advanced Assembly Solutions Team

The Solutions Team works closely with our customers and their challenges in order to provide the most cost effective, efficient and innovative solutions.

Our “Advanced Assembly Solutions Team” offers:

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Quality Audits

  • Custom Application and Tooling Solutions

  • Joint Dynamics and Torque Analysis

  • Calibration/Validations

  • Tool Management Programs

  • Training

  • Plant Air and Electrical Studies

  • Pilot Project Consultation and Support

  • Ergonomic Consulting

  • Process Efficiency Studies

  • Torque Auditing Programs