Handy2000 Micro



  • Tool is equipped with a built-in torque sensor and a small servomotor for high-level measurement and control. Stable tightening accuracy from 2 Nm down to 0.1 Nm.
  • Torque sensor and angle measurement data ensure reliable traceability. Compatible with various communication systems for flexible data management.
  • Lightweight hand tool driver weighing only 555g and optimized for workability. Robot-mounting and reaction arm-mounting are also supported.
  • Controller is equipped with a 4.3-inch color LCD touch panel for improved visibility.Graphic data, such as torque curves, can also be displayed in addition to numerical information for clear information about tightenings.
  • Tool uses conductive resin from the body to the switch lever. This prevents any electrostatic damage to workpieces such as electronic parts.


  • Tool performance is tested with the equipment complaied with ISO5393.
  • Fastening accuracy 3σ/ x  ≤ 3% F.S.  (on direct mode).
  • Manufacturing in accordance of ISO9001.


  • Ergonomics design is adopted to reduce user’s work load.
  • Tracer Arm is available for Pokayoke and assisting work.