Assembly Tools

Bringing Innovation to the Assembly Line



Electronic Sensing System

1. Over-discharge Prevention Sensor
Prevents over-discharge to avoid cell
damage or recharge problems.
2. Battery Overheat Protection Sensor
Cuts off power to the motor before
the battery temperature rises.
3. Monitoring of Battery Cell Voltage
Each cell is monitored by a sensor to
ensure optimal charge/discharge
4. Battery Sensor
Flashing lamp indicates overheating
battery. Battery is automatically
reactivated when temperature drops.
5. Heat Resistance Layer Technology
In cases where separator is damaged
and abnormal heat is created. HRL acts
to contain this heat… just like a firewall.
6. Li-Ni Technology
Panasonic developed Lithium Nickel
Oxide chemistry offers the benefits
of lower internal resistance, reduced
electrical loss, and lower temperatures
in the battery cells to deliver a longer
battery life.


Safer Work Environment
Improved Ergonomics
Lightweight and compact, no air hose to drag around.
Eliminate Trip Hazards
Removes dangerous air hoses and provides a clear work area.
Improved Air Quality
Eliminates airborne oily residue emitted from air tools.

Long Life, Durable Components
Long Life Clutch
All steel clutch for increased durability in EYFG tools.
Mechanical Pulse Unit
Long lasting, low maintenance impulse mechanism in EYFL/M/P tools.
Brushless Motor
Energy efficient, no maintenance, about doubles the life of the tool.
Hybrid Switch
Carries <.5 amp, about doubles the life of the switch.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs
Energy Savings
Cordless tools use 99% less energy than air tools.
Improved Quality
Increases accuracy by eliminating air pressure fluctuations.
Ease of Installation
Complete freedom in assembly area design.
Eliminates the need for maintaining oilers.
Tool Downtime
Recovers from power outages within seconds.


Assembly Tool Line-up

Mechanical Pulse Tool

High Torque Mechanical Pulse Tool

Clutch Tools

Assembly Qualifiers